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Thank you to Arts Council England!

A huge thank you to Arts Council England for choosing to support us – their grant will make a great difference to our project Pulvis (Dust)

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About the project...

The age of climate crisis is upon us, and grief and anxiety are on the rise.


This project explores the emotional burden of climate change, and why despair leaves so many people unable to respond to our existential threat.​


Because the fight for climate solutions is filled with such contradictions, the project explores some ways we are strengthened by challenging easy assumptions about climate distress. 


So-called “negative” feelings that arise in response to ecological destabilization (anxiety, grief, anger) can be seen as signs of emotional health, while “undesirable” states like uncertainty are potential doorways to transformation. Climate anxiety might even be seen as a kind of superpower -- a signal that alerts us when something's wrong and needs to be addressed -- especially while others are sleepwalking through the crisis because their alarm isn't tuned as well.

Workshops & Podcasts

About the outreach


This exciting project made a priority to reach out and engage with a wide and diverse audience. 


Throughout the project, we have created a list of ecological emotion words and with original sounds and poetry, we have explored emotions on climate awaress.

The original sound and music developed by composer and sound designer R. Rusconi and in collaboration with sighted and visually impaired artists was performed by string quartet Minguet Quartet.

A call-out campaign was put in place to share stories of climate change and their relationship to the topic.


Audio Eco Walks

from sound to silence across a garden of forking paths

Sound walks combine a specific form of human mobility – walking – with a specific way of sensory attention – listening, and do so in a variety of ways and with a range of purposes, while often featuring elements of talking, silence, and media.

Sound walking can be understood as research and practice that is not about sound but in sound, as well as not about walking but in walking. Sound walking is a spatio-temporal, embodied, situated, multi-sensory and mobile practice ideal for visually impaired and blind people.

Sound walks as part of the Pulvis project presented in collaboration with University of London.


Information on how to participate or to request further collaborations contact robertodavidrusconi(at)

To organise sound walk and silence walks or site specific sound design project contact us on robertodavidrusconi(at)

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Minguet Quartet

Past, present and future projects in collaboration with No 20 Art Galery, UCL SSID and UCL Culture, Dr J. Atkinson, Dr T. Oberman and many others

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