Kirke - The First Witch
The Role Of Women In Ritual Dances Across The World

Phoenix Dance Theatre

Dancers: Michael Marquez, Carlos J Martinez, Vanessa Vince Pang, Natalie Alleston



Sandrine Monin

Concept & Music

Roberto David Rusconi

Roberto David Rusconi is supported by PRS Foundation’s The Composer Fund

The Phoenix Dance


Sandrine Monin

This new commission by company dancer Sandrine Monin and composer Roberto David Rusconi, is inspired by and based on the book of poems ‘The Flowers of evil’ by Charles Baudelaire. The work explores the themes of beauty, desire and decadence.

Carbon Copy
13 & 14 December 2016

Rambert Dance Company - In The Making



Carolyn Bolton


Liam Francis & Jacob O'Connell

R&D Rambert
London 7 - 14 November 2016


Fukiko Takase & Mbulelo Ndabeni

NaY - 'Nam and You'
London May and August 2016

Commission Arts Council England and The Bliss Trust


Mbulelo Ndabeni

Phoenix Dance Theatre Choreographer and
Composer Lab 2015
Leeds July 2015

The Lab ran for two weeks in July 2015 and was led by Phoenix Dance Theatre's Artistic Director Sharon Watson and independent Music Director & Composer Ken Hesketh (RCM).

It was a unique opportunity to focus on the creative process of research and experimentation with the emphasis on composition in music and dance.